Hiking & Packrafting Adventures

Winter Campfire Talk

Today we had a great sunny day in South-Western Finland with temperatures around -4C so I decided to drive with Caj and Katja outside of Turku to hike to the Hönkasaaren Laavu. At the end of this blog post you can find our campfire talk audio file.

Winter Camp fire

Relaxing fireplace sound

Just tested my audio gear and recored a relaxing fireplace.

Testing the Sound Devices MixPre-3, Sennheiser MKE 600, Rycote Super Softie and Strut STR-MP3

In this blog post I would like to introduce you to my mobile audio recording equipment - the Sound Devices MixPre-3, Sennheiser MKE 600, Rycote Super Softie and the Strut STR-MP3. I am not an professional when it comes to audio but just started with it as a hobby. There is also a MixPre-3 preset available in case you want to syncronize your camera with the Timecode of the MixPre-3.

I would also be interested to record stereo sound in the future with 2 dedicated Microphones like the Audio-Technica AT4022 Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone on an Olson Wing array or even the Sennheiser Ambeo VR mic.

Currently, I am also using a AKG N60 as my headset. However, I am planning to replace it with a Sennheiser HD-25-1 II, which is considered as one of the industry standard audio recording headphones.

Children playing on ice in Finland

Today, I was trying for the first time to capture audio with my Sennheiser MKE 600, Sound Devices MixPre-3 and Rycote Super Softie. I selected Ruisalo - a popular beach at the Baltic Sea in Turku as a location.

The sea was frozen and children were playing with their sleds on it and throwing ice plates around. You might hear some wind as a background noise so I am not sure if my Rycote Super Softie windjammer did a good job.

Here you can read more about my audio gear which I have used.