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LifeStraw or Sawyer Mini to filter water?

When you plan on what to pack in your backpack when preparing for a longer hiking trip you probably also want to carry a water filtration system with you.

In the past I had a look on water filtration systems which looked more durable but were heavy and took a lot of space in my backpack.

However, recently new solutions have appeared on the market for outdoor enthusiasts who prefer to travel light.

In this article I am going disccuss if you should choose the Sawyer Mini or the LifeStraw Personal water filter as a possible ultralight water filter solution.

Best lightweight water filters 2017

Outdoors Tidbits 57

Here comes our latest Outdoors Tidbits with the latest reviews from other outdoor bloggers. Probably, you are also excited to find out where we are going to travel next? In April we will attend the Swedish Packrafting Round-Up and in May we will be on a Packrafting Round-Up in Scotland. Don’t want to miss those events? Subscribe to our RSS feed.

Did you know that you can also use your packraft during the winter? Try snowrafting?


Comparison and differences - YI 4K+ or GoPro Hero5?

YI Technology has recently announced the YI 4K+ and I am quite excited to see that there are more GoPro alternatives available.

What makes the YI 4K+ impressive (and sets it apart from the GoPro Hero5) is that it can record 4K with 60FPS. Moreover, the YI 4K+ can also record with a higher resolution than the GoPro Hero5.

Comparison and differences - YI 4K+ or GoPro Hero5

St. Valentine's Outdoor Pants - Kari Traa

Socks as a present for Christmas, pants (long johns) for St. Valentine’s Day. That’s the reality of being a wife of an outdoorsman ☺

Kari Traa Pants