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Thule Upslope 35L Review

Last year Thule has sent me the Thule Upslope 35L so we can take it with us on our trip to test it. On our trip to Northern Norway this January I finally had a chance to test it and here are my first thoughts about this daypack (my wife has also used it before on some trips). We had the Upslope backpack with us in Hammerfest, in Alta and on our winter camping trip.

Thule Upslope 35L Review Test

Highlight of a visit to Alta in Norway - the Komsa

Today we had a short hike to the top of Komsa - which is the best lookout point in Alta and easy to reach. So it’s probably one of the highlights when visiting Alta in Northern Norway and be on your “what to visit in Alta” list.

There was no official path up to the Komsa, or at least we were not able to see it since everything was covered with snow. We did not carry much with us. Just a backpack, our cameras, an additional layer of clothes and a Thermos bottle with tea.

Climbing Komsa Alta Northern Norway

Garmin inReach Explorer+ or SE+ - Differences, new features and preview

Garmin has just recently release the inReach Explorer+ and the inReach SE+ after they acquired DeLorme a few months ago. Those new devices are going to replace the old inReach models.

Since we own the DeLorme inReach Explorer device we were quite excited to see what the new features and differences of the new Garmin inReach models are beside the external design of the device.

We bought our inReach Explorer because we travel sometimes to places which are not covered by phone signals and it may take a few days to get out of a remote area to reach for help.

Even so you have to pay for a monthly subscription fee I think it’s just worth the money as safety is always our first priority when we heading into the backcountry.

Below you can see Konstantin while hiking in Japan. On the back of his backpack you can see the Delorme inReach Explorer (in it’s yellow case) which has now been replaced with the new Garmin inReach Explorer+. Some links in this blog post contain affiliate links.

Garmin inReach Explorer+ and SE+ differences and new features

Futureproof - the outdoor gear for tomorrow's you? - Nr. 3

In this issue of futureproof outdoor gear we will present you our newest picks of emerging gear like a wearable power bank, trackable wallets or a water filtration system.

Would you buy it? Do you want us to review it? Comment and follow us on Facebok or Twitter with the hashtag #FutureproofGear.

Futureproof Gear fly360 4K camera