Hiking & Packrafting Adventures

Katabatic Gear Chisos Review

Looking for an ultralight quilt for the summer for your next hiking, backpacking, camping or any other backcountry adventure? Have a look at the Katabatic Gear Chisos. This quilt can be used for degrees around 40 F / +5 C and higher or you can layer up inside and use it for lower temperatures. Personally, I felt a bit cold when I used this quilt in August here in Finland when we had around +6 C in the night even so I was wearing jogging pants and a long sleeved merino shirt. I would just use this quilt for June and July here in Finland but it depends if you are a warm or a cold sleeper. In general, this is a high quality quilt.

10 reasons why I like Packrafting
  • I can take my Packraft everywhere since it is very light
  • It inflates/deflates within a couple of minutes
  • It's great to paddle after work, relax and enjoy the scenery
  • I can combine it with hiking and attach my backpack on the front of the packraft if I am tired of walking
  • I can do whitewater paddling if I prefer more action (not tried yet however) :)
  • It's even more fun once you find people who own a packraft too
  • I can cross rivers and visit islands
  • Storage is free of charge
  • Material is very durable even so the packraft is quite light
  • Speed/weight ratio is great
Suunto Ambit2 Black HR Review

For those folks who would like to keep track on where they hiked, biked etc. should have a look on GPS watches like the Suunto Ambit2. Sure, you can also do this with an app on your phone but personally I found it more comfortable to have a watch on my wrist. Having had the Suunto Ambit before the Suunto Ambit 2 also adds altitude GPS functionality and “Find back” support.

Learning how to Packraft

As I recently bought a new Alpacka packraft, learning how to Packraft is now essential for me. Since I am living in Finland - a country with 100.000 lakes - packrafting could enhance the possibilities to see the landscape from a different point of view than on a normal hiking trip. As I am planning to take my Yukon Yak Packraft to Sarek National Park in Sweden this year, I still need to exercise a little bit in order to be ready for this trip.