Hiking & Packrafting Adventures

Pitching Hilleberg Anjan 2 on snow

The Hilleberg Anjan 2 is actually a lightweight (1.8 kg packed) 3 season tent. However, I believe that this tent could also be used during the winter season if there is only light snow fall and no strong winds. However, I have not tested it yet myself (to be on the safe side, I would rather take a 4-season tent with me). Here you can see how the Hilleberg Anjan looks like pitched on snow.

Night shots with Sigma Merrill DP1

Today, I wanted to test the performance of my Sigma Merrill DP1 in night condition here in Vaasa. The pictures below are taken with ISO100 and are crops. I also used a tripod. There are also rumors in the Internet that the battery just lasts 7 shots or so in cold conditions. I took around 15 pictures and the battery was not empty at all. Temperature was about -3C. Maybe I was just lucky with my batteries :)

Sigma Merrill DP1 Review

I just returned from Helsinki and want to share my first pictures with you which I took with my new Sigma Merrill DP1.

The Sigma Merrill DP1 with its 340 grams is super light and has a superb image quality due to its prime lens (which can unfortunately not be exchanged with any other lens) and special Foveon sensor. However, this camera is not suited for those having action photography in mind. I bought this camera mainly for landscape photography. Since the image files are so big, you can easily zoom into the picture and still get a sharp image out of the crop. However, I would recommend to buy the optional AC Adapter SAC-5 and anAnker Astro 3e battery to operate this camera as the battery included with this camera are really weak.

Helsinki Ice Breakers</a>
Helsinki city

Helsinki city


Since the Sigma Merrill has a fixed lens it comes with a cheaper price. It also is quite lightweight and takes pictures with good image quality.

Swamp and Quad bike adventures in Finland

Last summer, I had a trip to Reinon Tupa - a wilderness cottage at the Kurikan Niinisto lake - in the middle of the Ostrobothnian swamp in Finland.