Hiking & Packrafting Adventures

Navigation Tools for Hiking

For our hiking trip in Sweden we are going to use 3 navigation tools in order to find our way through the Swedish mountains.

Calazo Maps Sarek Tyvek

Waterproof Hiking and Packrafting Maps

Waterproof maps are great for hiking and backpacking

A map is one of the most important item which should be in your backpack on every hiking and packrafting trip. However, when your map gets wet you may end up with the situation that you are not able to use your map anymore. For this reason a waterproof Calazo map was our choice for our hiking and packrafting trip in the Swedish mountains.

Calazo Waterproof Map

Food list for Hiking and Packrafting in the Sarek National Park

Since our Sarek trip is getting closer, we have to take a look on our lunch list. We calculated 3 meals a day and snacks (which are not included in the list below). The different items in the list are in German since we are going to order our food from Germany.

Hiking in the Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands are a perfect destination for those who like hiking. In our case we started hike from Dalwhinnie train station. We walked along Lake ‘Loch Ericht’, camping at night on the shore.

cycling in the Scottish Highands Loch Ericht