The Petzl Nao Plus is a new headlamp which is able to adapt its light according to the environment which makes it a great headlamp if you need to see far but at the same be able to read e.g. a map at night. You can also set the levels of the lamp manually and adjust the levels via the Petzl software on your PC according to your needs. Moreover, you can also adapt the light with your smartphone via bluetooth. The review below is about the previous model of the Petzl Nao Plus. Beside the bluetooth functionality the new Petzl Nao Plus also features more Lumen (750 Lumen) than the old model.


The Petzl Nao weights 187 grams, is rechargable via USB and brightness is adjustable. The Petzl Nao is water resistant (IP X4), comfortable to wear, programmable via the Petzl Nao Software and battery can last up to 8 hours.

Switching Light Levels on the old Petzl Nao

Petzl Nao light test 22 m

Level 1 - Low

Petzl light test Nao 58 m

Level 2 - Medium

Petzl Nao light test 108 m

Level 3 - High

Petzl Nao light test

The know to switch between the different light levels.

Petzl Nao USB Socket
The cable to the battery socket can also be extended with the Petzl extension cable which is especially useful during winter trips as the battery life will be shortener when exposed to the cold. With the extension cable you can carry the battery e.g. on your belt nearby the body to keep it warm rather than on your head.

Petzl Nao rechargable battery
You can charge the Nao directly on your computer and anything else which has an USB socket like the Anker Astro 3 battery.

Petzl Nao


I have tested the old model of the Petzl Nao headlamp on our trip to Sarek in Sweden. The Petzl Nao is a pretty strong headlamp and you can charge the Nao via USB.

You may also consider a lighter headlamp if you don’t need the power of the Petzl Nao. As I do packrafting, there might be also situations where we packraft till late into the night so a brighter headlamp is more useful for me to properly see whats in front of me. I also found it quite comfortable to go jogging with the Petzl Nao.

You can get the Petzl Nao Headlamp on Amazon.

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