Today, I went on a day trip to Ruissalo. Ruissalo is the recreational island of Turku. It was involved in the Crimean war between the Swedish and Russians and nowadays it’s a paradise for bird watchers, golfers and joggers. Since the island is quite big, I grabbed my bicycle and set off.

Hiking Ruissalo Turku

Ruissalo Turku
On my trip I saw migrating birds.

Ruissalo Turku From Ruissalo I also saw the big cruise boats which are operated by Viking Line and TallinkSilja.


I enjoyed a nice scenery towards the sea and islands while early morning joggers crossed my way.

Ruissalo Turku

I also saw plenty of old Villas which seemed to be empty.

Ruissalo Turku

Ruissalo Turku

Ruissalo Turku

One of the Cafés

Ruissalo Turku

Ruissalo Turku

Ruissalo Turku

Ruissalo Turku Clear sea water splashed on the rocks.

Ruissalo Turku Some boats waiting for their owner.

Ruissalo Turku Bicycling on Ruissalo is quite good too …

Harbour in Ruissalo

One of my favourite motives in the Nordics - a window on a wooden house.

The Meyer-Turku Werf is visible from Ruissalo.

The biggest cruise ships have been built here

Seems that even elks like Ruissalo.

Golfing is possible in Ruissalo as well.

Ruissalo is a nice island very close to the city of Turku. There are also plenty of events throughout the year and it’s also great for outdoors activities like going jogging along the shore of the island.

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