This spring Konstantin from HikeVentures teamed up with Urbanpackrafter and the Deliverance Team at the Nittälven river in the Kaljoxa Valley in Sweden for a packrafting weekend. Here is the video provided by Urbanpackrafter. If you are into packrafting and want to join us next time feel free to contact one of us.

As the next Swedish Packrafting Gathering is going to take place in just over one months (5-8 May), I would like to share some pictures that I took at the first event that took place last April. And here is how it started…

Snowshoeing and Cross-Country Skiing in Finnish Lapland - Finland

Jacob ( and I arrived at the rendezvous place in the deep darkness after midnight. We were greeted by Henrik (The Deliverance Team) and the guys who had already settled in the open shelter (where we also joined them). All five of us sleeping side by side, I was happy brought earplugs

Swedish Packrafting Gathering 2015 Patagonie Down Hoodie Exped Synmat UL7 HMG Porter 4400 alpacka raft

After the breakfast that didn’t only provides us with the energy for the paddling, but also served as an opportunity to get to know each other a bit more, we all packed and went down to the river.

Swedish Packrafting Gathering 2015 - Alpacka Raft - The Deliverance Team - GoPro camera

Packrafts? Check. Paddles? Check. Drysuits? Check. While Henrik was waiting for us on the water, the rest took a bit more time to get ready.

Packrafting Gathering in Sweden 2015

Trees, water and packrafts during the Packrafting roundup last year.

Packrafting Gathering in Sweden 2015

Whereas Jacob and I have brightly-coloured packrafts, thedeliveranceteam guys prefer green which is more discreet.

Packrafting Gathering in Sweden 2015

A man and his new drysuit. From what I could understand, it was the first time Martin used his new drysuit. And he enjoyed it a lot. No more sitting in the water. No more worries about being splashed all over.

First Swedish Packrafting Meeting - The Deliverance Team - Alpacka Raft

Time with the locals. If the ‘authenticity of the experience’ and the ‘local perspective’ are important concepts for you, then attending such events as this Swedish Packrafting roundup last year is a great chance to get all that.

First Swedish Packrafting Meeting

A spot of colour on a Swedish river. This is Jacob urbanpackrafter, who, like me, seems to like a bit of colour when it comes to packrafting. He has a bright yellow paddle and a red YukonYak. Even his drysuit matches the boat.

I, myself, might have a black drysuit, but my packraft is yellow. Which, incidentally, got me a nickname of Mr Chiquita from the local Team ‘Green’. And you know what? - I am ok with that. Because I know that they are not ‘mature’ enough (pun intended 😜)

First Swedish Packrafting Meeting

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