Having used skis and hiking boots the years before, I am interested to do some snowshoeing this winter with my new Tubbs Xpedition snowshoes and here comes a short review. As I have worked in the past a couple of months in a mountain hut in the Swiss Alps, I frequently had to walk 2 hours up the mountain to reach my workplace. Well, it was possible but with snowshoes it would have been so much more easier to get up.

Tubbs Xpedition Snowshoe Review


  • weight: 1600 grams
  • design
  • quality
  • pro-step frame
  • R2 revolution response
  • ReAct Binding
  • Cobra Crampton made of carbon steel
  • SoftTec decking for durable and lightweight flotation
  • Grappler heel cleat

Xpedition Tubbs Snowshoe

tubbs snowshoes xpedition

How to wear the Snowshoes?

The binding of the snowshoes are easy to use. Just slip in with your shoes and tighten the straps. Wearing a pair of light mountain shoes and breathable long pants over it should be sufficient. Gaiters might be a useful too - especially when walking in deep powder snow.

tubbs snowshoes xpedition

Tubbs Xpedition snowshoes


The Tubbs Xpedition snowshoes seems to be a solid product for backcountry usage. There might be also products from other brands to consider like the MSR Revo Explore snowshoe which also won the ISPO Award 2014. Alternatively, if you are low on budget, you could also consider snowshoe models on the lower end of the price range and upgrade later on.

You can the the Tubbs Xpedition snowshoes on Amazon

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