As I was planning to meet Konstantin in Sweden, I took a Viking Ferry in order to get from Turku to Stockholm. I really enjoyed this Viking Cruise with the new ferry, the Viking Line.

view from Viking Grace towards Stockholm City with Finnish Flag Gröna Lund

Viking Line Turku entrance harbor harbour

The cruise starts at the Viking Terminal in Turku where I got my boarding card. While waiting for getting on board it’s possible to get some drinks in the bar of the terminal.

Turku Castle view from viking Grace Bye bye Turku …

Viking Grace Cabin with HMG Porter 4400 backpack The cabin was really nice …

Viking Grace Cabin fazer candies welcome present What a surprise…I found Fazer candies in my cabin!

View from Viking Grace towards the Finnish Archipelago

On deck of the Viking Grace On deck of the Viking Grace

On deck of the Viking Grace

On deck of the Viking Grace>

children playground deck Viking Grace Ville Viking is an area for kids on the Viking Grace

islands viking grace cruise Marienhamn Harbor at midnight

Mariehamn harbour by night arriving The famous white birds islands between Turku and Stockholm.

white islands finnish archipelago viking line amorella view Stockholm City Panorama - Picture taken from the Viking Amorella.

panorama view from viking line amorella stockholm city amusement park gröna lund

It’s a really nice experience to take a ferry from Finland to Sweden and experience the Aland Islands while having a nice dinner on board. There is also plenty of entertainment, a duty free shop and your kids will not get bored either.

The price of the cruise depends on the booking situation. The Viking Line tickets also get more expensive if you stay over night in Stockholm or Turku rather than taking the evening ferry back. It’s also good to take a wind jacket or a rain jacket if you plan to stay for a longer period on deck.

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