Waterproof maps are great for hiking and backpacking

A map is one of the most important item which should be in your backpack on every hiking and packrafting trip. However, when your map gets wet you may end up with the situation that you are not able to use your map anymore. For this reason a waterproof Calazo map was our choice for our hiking and packrafting trip in the Swedish mountains.

Calazo Waterproof Map

For our trip to Sarek we were looking for a proper map which is durable and water resistant. After doing some research online we were able to spot Calazo maps which are made of Tyvek. I also found them a tad cheaper than the regular paper maps.

Calazo Waterproof Map


Calazo maps are lightweight, waterproof, quality maps which are easily foldable. The are more durable than normal maps and come with a good print quality. Also the price is quite attractive and sometimes even cheaper than regular maps.

Calazo Waterproof Map

The Calazo maps are also usable in combination with a GPS.

The Calazo maps display trails, ski-lifts, roads, shelters & lodges, marshes, forests and much more. The legend is in Swedish and English.

calazo maps

Calazo maps are printed on both sides and are available in the scales 1:100 000 (1 cm = 1 km) and 1:50 000.

Ortlieb Document Bag A4 in Sarek


I can highly recommend the waterproof Calazo maps. We have tested a Calazo map on our trip to Sarek in Sweden and the Calazo map performed quite well even on rainy days. As those maps are sometimes even cheaper than regular maps it is actually a no-brainer to get those tyvek maps.

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