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As you know, last year we went to Japan for three weeks. And it was great. So great that we decided to go back this year again.

“You must really like it there” my friends and colleagues say when I tell them about the trip. And this is true. We do like it there. They say, you cannot enter the same river twice. But this is not what we are looking for. We want to experience even more of this great country. We want to packraft more rivers, hike more trails, climb more mountains and meet more of the lovely people, who live in this country. And of course we want to see some old friends.

There is just over a week left before the trip and Marta and I have ‘reisefieber’. We don’t know what the three-week trip will be exactly like, but we are certain that it will be great. And what else can it be? After all, it’s Japan.

This video is a glimpse of what we did last year. We hiked in the Northern Alps between Tateyama and Kamikochi. We paddled parts of the Shimanto river and went ‘glamping’ in Shikoku. We descended from Odai-Ga-Hara mountain and hiked through a deep gorge to Osugi. We saw the rise of the red sun over the ocean. And much, much more…

Last year we enjoyed every step of this adventure, regardless how wet, hot or sweaty it was at times. And now we are ready and looking for more. Japan, here we come…