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Adidas shows us their Terrex Fast Surround and Agravic speed shoes at the OutDoor Show 2017 in Friedrichshafen.

Konstantin: Hi. This is Konstantin from Hike Ventures, and I’ve got Andre from Adidas Terrex. Andre could you say something about the innovations in the shoes that producing.

Andre: Of course. So I will start with a hiking shoe, and then I will go into a super light trail running shoe, and a completely new innovation with trail running what we’re having.

I start with this baby here. It’s the Surround shoe within our range. It’s called Terrex Fast Surround. And what’s unique about it, is that it has a breath-ability through the mid sole and it’s still 100% waterproof.

Konstantin: By surround you mean that it’s really breathing from underneath.

Andre: Exactly. So you have a vortex membrane completely on the upper. But also a vortex membrane underneath your foot. And then you have those air channels, and with those air channels and the membrane underneath your foot you have the possibility that the moisture escapes, and you have a much better feeling than just having a regular vortex shoe.

It’s also very lightweight. It’s under 400 grams. It gives you the stability that you need, but it’s still flexible enough to be very comfortable. Combined with the speed lacing.

And of course, what do you need when you on the trail? You need security, and grip. And that’s why we have a really nice lock pattern, and a Continental Rubber, which gives you really good grip. And what I say, you can also enjoy the trails much more because you don’t need to look at every step you take. The shoe takes care of that.

This is what we have in light hiking, or fast hiking. Once you Agravic speed, it’s our lightest trail running shoe in range. It’s very minimalistic. It’s also coming with a Continental outsole, but with some EVA cut outs to make it more lighter, and also more flexible. Yeah. It’s super light.

Konstantin: It’s noticeably lighter.

Andre: And then we have something completely new, which is the TWO. And if you wonder what TWO stands for, it’s Trail Without Obstacles. So if you put that shoe on, every trail, as rugged as it may be, it will feel like a trail without obstacles, for you.

So it comes from a more cushy midsole. It’s a trail shoe design for longer distances. 50 K plus if you want. And that’s why we’re also having a different fit system. We have a completely new last which is a bit wider in the forefoot, and more snug in the heel. And then we are combining it with the new trail running system, where you can easily open it up, detach it, and lace it again.

Konstantin: And the interesting thing is that it’s on the side.

Andre: It’s on the side. Yes.

Konstantin: The fast lacing here is on the top, but this one really pulls it from the side and narrows it.

Andre: Exactly. And also on that one, we have a Continental outsole, as on all of our shoes. Where we have short contact times, because Continental Rubber works perfect when it’s short contact. And it’s similar like a mountain bike tire. That’s why also in the back, you can see that we have always linked the outsole also to a mountain bike tire.

This is some highlights from our side. We’re very happy about how everything turned out. Any questions?

Konstantin: Nope. It’s perfect. Thank you Andre.

Andre: Thank you. Thanks.

Konstantin: Thanks.