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Apple and Suunto recently announced their new smartwatches – the Apple Watch Series 2 and the Suunto Spartan HR.

As I wear my watch mainly for running and hiking, I am interested in a product that is water-resistant and offers a long battery life.

Both watches – the Suunto Spartan HR and the Apple Watch 2 are water-resistant. However, the big question remains: Which watch has a better battery life?

Update 26.01.2017: Garmin has released the Fenix 5X. Compared to the Suunto Spartan you can also upload topo maps which might be great features for hikers and backpackers.

The Apple Watch 2 weights a bit more than the Suunto Spartan.

If you have already an iPhone and wear your watch for running shorter distances (maybe up to a half marathon), then the Apple Watch 2 is probably a better choice. However, when it comes to battery life then Suunto could be your new watch.

When Apple released the Apple Watch for the first time, I decided to purchase a [Suunto Traverse](http://www.hikeventures.com/Suunto-Traverse-Ambit3-differences/) simply because it offered GPS and better battery life.

The battery life of the Apple Watch might be ok if you plan to go running for 1 hour or so but if you go on a long hike with GPS switched on you don’t want to start charging your watch every view hours.

My [Suunto Traverse](http://www.hikeventures.com/Suunto-Traverse-Ambit3-differences/) could handle a full day of hiking with GPS turned on.

As Apple did not mention anything about the improved battery life of the Apple Watch Series 2, we can probably expect a battery life of 18 hours with GPS switched off.

Apple has worked with Nike and developed the Apple Watch Nike+ which offers some additional features for runners.

If you are just into running, then the Apple Watch Nike+ sounds like an excellent package as you don’t need such long battery life.

## Conclusion

If you are into multisport or any activity which lasts several hours then I would probably get the Suunto Spartan HR.

If you only go running then, the Apple Watch Nike+ is probably a better option.

If you are an iPhone user then the Apple Watch Series 2 is obviously a better choice if you don’t plan activities which last several hours.

However, I need to see how long the Apple Watch Series 2 might work with GPS switched on, as I have not tested the watch yet.