The last three days I have been on a bicycle trip together with Caj in the Archipelago National Park. This year we decided to travel along a new route which might probably replace the old route which I traveled last year with my bicycle.

There were two major differences – namely, there were more services on the way, but it was also more expensive to travel the new route.

The new route goes from Turku to Pensar, Korpoström, Aspö, Örö (which I also visited last year with my packraft) and then back to Kasnäs where you can either take the bus (around 20 EUR) or cycle back to Turku (around 90 km).

Örö Island - Archipelago National Park

Turku to Pensar

After I picked up Caj, we cycled along the Archipelago route from Turku to Granvik where we were supposed to take our first ferry to the Pensar island.

Cycling Archipelago National Park

On the way to Granvik, we stopped at the Resturant Sattmark in Prainen where we had a fantastic lunch – Caj ordered ribs and beer, and I (Patrick) had a goat cheese salad.

There was also a café, gift shop, and a guest pier at this location. However, since we had only 1 hour time we decided to focus more on our lunch.

Archipelago National Park - Sattmark Parainen

From Sattmark it was just another 8 km trip to the harbor in Granvik where the ferry transported us free of charge to Pensar.

The ferry stopped at several other places on islands during the trip where people left and entered the ferry m/s Viken. There was no possibility to buy coffee, tea or any refreshments on board but the ferry was also rather small.

Granvik - Pensar Ferry - m/s Viken - Archipelago National Park

Sailing was a popular activity at that day as the sea was quite crowded with sailing boats.

Granvik - Pensar m/s viken sailing boats

Once we reached Pensar, we cycled along an unpaved road until we reached Pensar Syd where we stayed over night.

Cycling Pensar - Archipelago National Park

The balcony in front of our house …
This building was a gas station in former times.

Pensar Syd - Archipelago National Park

A house at Pensar Syd decorated with a fishing net.

Pensar Syd - Fishing Net - Archipelago National Park

A place to rest and sit in front of the museum. In the background are the steps up to the monument. The area was also used by the Lotta organization (a civil guard for women) during the second world war.

I have also visited the Lotta museum in Järvenpää in the past.

Pensar Syd - Archipelago National Park

The museum from outside.

Pensar Syd History Museum - Archipelago National Park

The museum of Pensar Syd can be visited free of charge. It displays objects and pictures from the period of the second world war. Handicrafts can also be purchased here.

Pensar Syd Museum - Archipelago National Park

The monument at Pensar Syd. In the background a soccer field. There were also 2 saunas, grill place and a dartboard available for guests.

Pensar Syd Monument - Archipelago National Park

After a swim in the sea we rested 1 hour and had dinner (which was excellent). Afterwards, we hiked up to the monument and the top of the hill behind it where we had a great view over the archipelago.

The Archipelago National Park

On the way back to our room we had a chat with our host and she explained us that buildings like the museum are not typical for the archipelago area. We asked our host to pack our breakfast into a plastic bag as the ferry was leaving quite early.

Pensar Syd Monument - Archipelago National Park