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Looking for a lightweight waterproof jacket for your next hiking, backpacking or any other backcountry adventure? The Arc’teryx Tecto FL Jacket could be your next jacket and here comes a short review. After my hiking trip in Sarek where I used the Montane Minimus Smock, I noticed that it would be better to have a full-zip jacket. It’s just much more easier to get it on and off. Of course, a full-zip jacket is somewhat more heavy but a full-zip jacket just works better for me.

Arc'teryx Tecto FL


The Arc’teryx Tecto FL jacket comes with plenty of features and has a close-to-body fit, a low profile storm hood, a narrow vislon zipper, a single sleeve pocket, weights just 200 grams and is made of N30p-X GORE-TEX Active 3L fabric (N40p-X Active textile on hip and shoulders). Gore-Tex Active shell fabric is not that durable as the Gore-Tex Pro Shell fabric, however it’s more breathable and lightweight. The cuff adjusters are very useful to protect against rain and wind.

Officially, the Arc’teryx Tecto jacket is a 3-season jacket. However it can also used for your winter activities. Beside a rain jacket I would also recommend you to take a wind jacket with you and exchange it with your waterproof jacket when it starts raining. The wind jackets protects you against cold winds and you are not going to sweat that much in it as in a waterproof jacket.

Acteryx Tecto FL Jacket

The close-to-body fit is especially suitable for those who are performing activities where you have to move a lot. Make sure to try this jacket on with some layers of clothing underneath. The jacket should not be too tight.

Acteryx Tecto FL Jacket


The Arc’teryx Tecto FL jacket is a great jacket for being active outdoors. It is also lightweight and packs small since it has less pockets and a minimalistic cut.

However, If you are looking for a lighter jacket and if you are on a budget then you could also have a look at the Montane Minimus Jacket.

I found the Montane Minimus jacket less durable than the Arc’teryx Tecto FL jacket but it’s almost invisible in your backpack. My preference goes towards the Arc’teryx Tecto FL Jacket. I am also wearing the Tecto FL when I cycle to work during the winter time here in Finland.