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Berghaus shows us their Fast Hike backpacks at the OutDoor Show 2017 in Friedrichshafen.

Andreas: Yep.

Konstantin:: Hi, this is Konstantin from Hike Ventures, and I’ve got Andreas from Berghaus. Andreas, can you say something about this series of day bags?

Andreas: Yeah. Sure. This is our new Fast Hike series, so this is our focused packs for Spring ’18. What we’ve done here is look at a practical day pack in different sizes from 45 to up to 20 meters that will allow you to customize it the way you want it. So, as it is now with all the features of the mesh pockets, all the attachments, everything that you would need for a couple of days out in the outdoors. It comes in just under a kilo, then if you strip it down removing this hip-

Konstantin:: Belt.

Andreas: -belt and some other features inside and such, it will have the weight of a backpack bringing it below a 500-gram pack. It’s of course, hyper-durable, waterproof, everything you need in a day pack.

Konstantin:: And it comes in bigger sizes, but also into a few smaller.

Andreas: Yes. So, ranging from a 45, that’s the biggest one and the heaviest one, going down to the 20 meters. So, yeah.

Konstantin:: And what I like about this is that they’re quite breathable.

Andreas: Yes

Konstantin:: Even the twill. This is very good, a feature, as well.

Andreas: Yes. So, making it breathable making it compatible, also then with our other gore-tex products to make sure that we have as much breathability as possible, but also getting a good width on these to distribute the load as best as possible.

Konstantin:: It looks very nice.

Andreas: Yeah, and there are other smaller pockets on the front, as well, to store your phone or whatever you need.

Konstantin:: And, of course, lots and lots of attachments.

Andreas: Lots and lots of attachments. So, if you have your carabiners for go climbing or whatever, you can just hook things on there, your climbing boots, whatever.

Konstantin:: Well, thank you very much, Andreas.

Andreas: Sure, my pleasure.