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Berghaus shows us their new GR20 jacket at the OutDoor Show 2017 in Friedrichshafen.

Konstantin: Hi, this is Konstantin from Hike Ventures, and I’ve got Andreas from Berghaus. Andreas, would you tell us something about this jacket?

Andreas: Yeah, sure. This is our new GR20 jacket, this is our Euro piece for Spring eighteen. It’s the world’s lightest and most breathable three layer Gore-tex jacket. So it features the new active shell technology from Gore. We are one of the few companies that are allowed to pre-release this for Spring eighteen.

It’s up to 27% more breathable than the competitor for the products, due to the fact that we have the patented storm vents right here. So it’s very breathable, and at other points as well where moisture can escape. It’s approximately 260 grams, making it by far the lightest jacket, three layer Gore-tex jacket that is, on the market.

We’re very proud of this piece.

Konstantin: I just had a look at it. There’s interesting features, such as one pull string here that will adjust –

Andreas: The hood, yes –

Konstantin: The hood.

Andreas: I mean everything is made to be super functional –

Konstantin: And super light.

Andreas: Super light as well, yes. So it’s always weighing between functionality and durability, and then, of course, weight. But we’ve added that feature to address adjusting, to if you were wearing a helmet, for instance.

But it’s more high paced piece than your climbing piece. We have added some aeration areas, both here on the shoulders and on the arms. So if you’re going up a granite wall, or carrying a back pack, then it will cope with you. The rest of this gray area is actually a backer. So it’s what’s usually used on the inside of a normal pro shell, but is here.