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Lapland is definitely a place worth visiting if you are into Hiking/Backpacking or Packrafting. However, it’s also good to know the history, nature, and culture if you are planning to visit a new hiking destination. For Finnish Lapland, I would definitely recommend the Crossbill Guide for Finnish Lapland including Kuusamo*.

Crossbill Guide: Finnish Lapland, Including Kuusamo

When I was searching for a good book about Finnish Lapland, I found it quite hard to find a good book that is dedicated to hiking and available in English. The main resource I use for my trips in Finland is usually Outdoors.fi also due to the lack of good books in this field available in English.

The book has been published by the Crossbill Guides Foundation in the Netherlands together with Metsähallitus in Finland, WILDGuides, KNNV Publishing, and Saxifraga foundation. Metsähallitus is a state-owned organization in Finland which is responsible for the National Parks and also operates the Outdoors.fi website. So the data in the book seems to come from a reliable source.

On the Crossbill Guides website, you can also find more material related to Finnish Lapland and some sample pages of the book e.g. a wildflower list.


The book is structured:

  • Landscape
  • Flora and Fauna
  • Practical Part (Route descriptions)
  • Tourist information and observation tips
  • Glossary
  • Acknowledgments
  • Pictures and illustration credits
  • Species list and translation

Readability and Pictures

The text is easy to read and supported by many color pictures, topographical maps, route descriptions, and small illustrations on what can be found on the trails and how long it takes to complete them. There is also a translation of the species list available in English, Scientific, German and Dutch.


The Crossbill Guide for Finnish Lapland including Kuusamo is a very good book that introduces you to the main hiking routes in Finnish Lapland, its history, climate and flora, and fauna (e.g. boreal forest, bogs, birds, insects or the differences between national parks, strict nature reserves or wilderness reserves, etc.). I would definitely recommend it for your bookshelf.