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On my hikes, I always take a BPA-free water bottle with me. In the past, I have always used a regular plastic water bottle but realized that BPA could have a negative effect on my health e.g. on the brain or increased blood pressure.

Best BPA-free water bottle for hiking and backpacking

Nalgene bottle

It’s quite easy to read how much water is left in the Nalgene bottle due to the large printing.

What’s more, the Nalgene bottle is also BPA free. The tag also states that you can wash the Nalgene bottle in a dishwasher.

The weight of the bottle is 179 grams and can handle a temperature range from -40 C to 100 C.

Best BPA-free water bottle for hiking and backpacking

The large opening of the bottle makes it quite easy to use a water purifier like the Kathadyn Mini Filter.

You can also easily add ice cubes into the Nalgene water bottle.

Initially, I was reluctant to buy this water bottle as I thought it’s just an average plastic bottle which you can get for a more affordable price.

If I think of the advantages (e.g. that it’s BPA free) and that I will use it quite often then I think it’s worth the investment and would recommend the Nalgene everyday bottle for hiking and backpacking trips.