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In this article I would like to present the best video led lights which I would use together with my Sony A7III. They can of course also be used on any other camera such as the Sony A9 or Sony A6500 or any other brand. As I usually shoot videos on trade shows or during trips I prefer to have a video led which is portable, lightweight and easy to charge.

My favorite Vide LED light for traveling with my Sony A7III is the Aputure F7 as it offers lots of power, Kelvin can be adjusted and can be powered with a USB Power bank such as the Anker PowerCore+ which can also charge your MacBook Pro.


Comparison table

LED Video Light Weight
Iwata GL-01 117 Led 136 grams / 4.79 oz.
NEEWER 160 LED CN-160 242 grams / 8.57 oz.
Aputure F7 (my personal choice) 260 grams / 9.17 oz.
Aputure AL-MX 280 grams / 9.87 oz.

Aputure AL-MX

The Aputure AL-MX is the smallest slight from Aputure. It offers a 30% boost kick over 60 seconds interval if you need more light than usually needed. Moreover, it has an internal battery which can be charged through USB-C.

The lamp comes with 128 LEDs and has a beam angle of 120 degrees. The color temperature ranges from 2800K to 6500K. It is more expensive than the Aputure F7 and I would rather recommend the F7 over this light if you want to have one camera led light to use with your camera.

You can buy the Aputure AL-MX on Amazon.

Aputure F7

The Aputure F7 is my favorite portable video light. It offers the most features and can be charged with a USB power bank through a USB-C port. You can also use it with a Sony NP-F battery attached to the back. The F7 comes with 256 high-CRI led lights and has a beam angle of 45 degree.

The color temperature of the Aputure F7 ranges from 3200K-9500K. Also the brightness of the F7 can be adjusted from 1 to 100%. Personally, I found it more convenient to keep my gear running on one singe USB Power Bank. It’s a much lighter option than having several batteries and you only have to charge one device.

You can buy the Aputure F7 on Amazon.

Iwata GL-01

The Iwata GL-01 has the size of a smart phone and comes with 117 LEDs and is made out of aviation light aluminium. It has CRI>96 and adjustable brightness (5%-100%) and color temperature (300-5500K). Moreover, it has a built in battery which can be charged through the USB port. The OLED monitor shows the current condition of the light such as brightness, color temperature and battery status.

You can buy the Iwata GL-01 117 Led on Amazon.


If you are on a budget then the Neewer CN-160 might be an option for you. I have not tested it myself but it got quite many good reviews online. The color temperature of the CN-160 is 5600 K or 3200K with a filter on it. It comes with 660 lumens and has a run time of 60-80 minutes. However, one disadvantage of this light is that you can not connect it on an external USB battery to power it. Moreover, you are also not able to adjust the color temperature.

You can buy the NEEWER 160 on Amazon.


My personal favorite is the Aputure F7. It has the widest color temperature and brightness adjustability and can be charged with a USB power bank. It might not be the cheapest option but you get a light which offers the most features of all the lights.