As I am planning to buy a new MacBook Pro I was curious to find out which monitor I should get to connect it with my new MacBook Pro and what would be the best alternative to the LG UltraFine 4K or 5K monitors.

Having a headlamp can be a lifesaver, and it’s a good idea to have one with you in your backpack especially during the winter.

I really would like to have an external 4K or 5K monitor with my MacBook Pro since it is much more convenient to edit pictures.

In the past, I had a 27″ HD monitor to edit my pictures but since I am planning to take 4K videos in the near future I would be really nice to have a 4K or even a 5K screen.

I really like the idea to have fewer cables on my desk so USB-C would be a really nice feature.

There would be no need to plug and unplug USB cables anymore on the MacBook Pro. All my USB cables would be connected to my monitor and there would be just one single USB-C which is connected to my MacBook Pro.

Comparison table

Monitor Contrast Ratio sRGB color gamut Response Time Brightness
LG 27UD68 5M:1 99% 5ms 350 cd/m²
LG 27UD88 1000 : 1 99% 5ms 350 cd/m²
Lenovo ThinkVision X1 1300 : 1 100% 6ms 300 cd/m²
Dell Ultra HD 5K Monitor UP2715K 1000 : 1 99% 8ms 350 cd/m²
HP ENVY 27 1300 : 1 99% 14ms 350 cd/m²

LG 27UD68P

The LG 27UD68P is probably one of the most affordable 4K screens which offers great quality and colors.

The screen features Split Screen 2.0 which is great for multitasking as well as FreeSync which eliminates tearing and stuttering while the screen communicates with your MAC or PC.

The screen also comes with different game modes as well as Black Stabilizer to display more details in dark scences while Dynamic Action Sync is a feature more suitable for smooth and fluid gaming action.

You can buy the LG 27UD68P on Amazon.

LG 27UD88

LG 27UD88

The LG 27UD88 is the latest display from Lenovo which features 99% SRGB color gamut, a color depth of 10 bit (8bit + A-FRC) and a response time of 5 ms GTS.

The brightness of the screen is 350 cd/m2 and the contrast ratio is 1000 : 1. The screen also has 2 x HDMI 2.0, 1 x DisplayPort (ver1.2) and 2 x USB 3.0. The response time is 5ms.

You can buy the LG 27UD88 on Amazon.

Lenovo ThinkVision X1

Lenovo ThinkVision X1

The Lenovo ThinkVision X1 has HDMI2.0 and DP1.2 ports a FHD camera with dual-array microphone and stereo speakers.

The Lenovo ThinkVision X1 is the world’s 1st monitor with TUV Eye Comfort certification. The monitor has 100% sRGB color gamut. The response time is 6 ms.

You can buy the Lenovo ThinkVision X1 on Amazon.

Dell Ultra HD 5K Monitor UP2715K

Dell Ultra HD 5K Monitor UP2715K

The Dell Ultra HD 5K monitor offers four times the content than QHD featuring over 14 million pixels and Harman Kardon speakers.

You can buy the Dell Ultra HD 5K Monitor UP2715K on Amazon.



The HP ENVY is a 4K display can power a PC or a mobile device. With a reaction time of 14 ms the HP ENVY might not be a monitor for gaming but for everything else this monitor could be a nice solution for an affordable price.

You can buy the HP ENVY 27 on Amazon.


On paper, the Lenovo seems to have an edge for those working with pictures while the LG would be more a gaming monitor.

However, the differences between those 2 monitors is not that big and it’s probably just a matter of taste and money you are planning to spend on your new monitor.

If you have the cash I would rather take the Dell Ultra HD 5K than a 4K screen. If you are on a budget then the HP ENVY or the LG 27UD68P (especially for gaming) might be a nice 4K monitor.