Here is my selection of the best pack rafting and kayaking helmets for 2019.

If you are planning to do whitewater packrafting or kayaking then you should probably consider to wear a helmet which protects your head in case you flip with your packraft or kayak.

There are certain criteria you should look out when buying a new packrafting helmet:

  • Is the helmet certified for whitewater (e.g. CE EN 1385)?
  • Do you need a visor for additional face protection or against the sun?
  • Is the helmet lightweight so it feels comfortable to wear it for a longer period?
  • Do you need ear protection?

Best packrafting and Kayaking Helmet - Sweet Protection Strutter Helmet

Weight comparison table

NRS WRSI Current Helmet

NRS WRSI Current Helmet

Weight: 517 grams

NRS WRSI Current Helmet is made of a ABS plastic shell with polyurethane sub-shell and features an EVA foam liner.

NRS WRSI Trident Composite Helmet

NRS WRSI Trident Composite Helmet

Weight: 848 grams

The NRS WRSI Trident Composite is made of a carbon composite shell and features a visor, EVA pads to customize your helmet.

Petzl Meteor 3+ Helmet

Weight: 235 grams

The Petzl Meteor 3+ helmet is one of the lightest certified paddling helmets on the market. If you want to go light then the Meteor 3+ is probably your helmet. The best alternatives are probably the Sweet Protection Strutter Helmet or the Rocker Helmet which offers more protection than the Strutter.

Predator Shiznit Helmet

Predator Shiznit Helmet

Weight: 500 grams

The Predator Shiznit helmet looks good and protects your face. With 500 grams it’s a bit more heavy than the Sweet helmet but comes with a lower price tag.

Shred Ready Standard Full-Cut Kayak Helmet

Shred Ready Standard Full-Cut Kayak Helmet

The Shred Ready Standard Full-Cut Kayak helmet is made of an ABS injection molded shell with EPP liner, a soft nylon webbing, stainless steel rivets and a four-point retention system.

Shred Ready Super Scrappy Kayak Helmet

Shred Ready Super Scrappy Kayak Helmet

Certification: CE 1385

The Shred Ready Super Scrappy Kayak helmet is an ABS molded shell with a VN foam liner.

Removable ear flaps can be attached to the helmet. The helmet can be worn backwards and forwards.

Sweet Protection Rocker Helmet

Weight: 550 grams

The Sweet Protection Rocker Helmet is probably going to replace my Petzl Meteor 3+ helmet in the future. I believe that the Rocker helmet offers better protection and is also more comfortable to wear.

Sweet Protection Strutter Helmet

Sweet Protection Strutter Helmet

Weight: 400 grams
Certification: EN 1385

The Sweet Protection Strutter Helmet features LFT shell technology which combines polyamide and long fiberglass and an EVA liner absorbs impacts without cracking


Wearing a helmet is an important part of (whitewater) packrafting and kayaking.

With many options on the markets you have to decide yourself which helmet is the best for you considering, weight, protective features, design and price.

As a lightweight helmet I was quite happy with the Petzl Meteor 3+ helmet. However, I recently exchanged it for the Sweet Protection Strutter helmet.

However, I am looking for a more advanced helmet in the future like the Sweet Protection Rocker Helmet.