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Today, I was searching and comparing some RSS reader which would be suitable for my RSS feeds which I have subscribed from other hiking and outdoor blogs to read on my MacBook Pro.

I was especially interested to find a reader which is fast and makes reading feeds simple and easy.

Maybe some sort of intelligent search function to find or sort feeds according to certain keywords would be interesting too.

Btw. if you are interested you can also subscribe to my RSS feed which is all about our hiking and packrafting adventures.


Inoreader is a web based reader which can subscribe to normal RSS feeds but also to social media feeds in Facebook or Twitter. You can also create folders with feeds which displays new RSS feeds based on certain keywords. I use Inoreader together with Reeder 3 (see below)

Reeder 3

Reeder 3 is probably the best reader out there but also sets you back with roughly 10 EUR in the Apple App Store. You can find more infos about Reeder 3 here. In general you can select different Themes, Gestures and there is support for different sharing and workflow services. However, I couldn’t find any information if the reader supports Zappier in case you would need a certain workflow support.


The closest competitor for Leaf is probably Reader 2. Leaf is a view euros cheaper than Reader 2 and seems to have similar features. The design of the Leaf App seems to be quite nice however on the App review I saw a few comments that the reader seems to be a bit slow. However, in the latest update it has been mentioned that the latest update included a faster RSS engine (Version 4.3). You can find the Leaf RSS reader for Mac here.


With Feedly you can access your feeds from anywhere since there is a web based version and an app version available while Reader 2 and Leaf requires you to have their apps installed on a certain device. If you pay an annual fee for Feedly pro then you also get some additional features like full article search, connection with workflow tools like Zapier, integration with sharing tools like buffer or Evernote and some other features.Here you can find all features available for Feedly.

Tiny Tiny RSS

Tiny Tiny RSS is an open source RSS reader which requires a MySQL database to save the articles. So if you don’t want to pay an annual fee e.g. for Feedly pro and you have a MySQL database available then you should have a look into Tiny Tiny RSS feed reader. There are also different themes available.

Which RSS reader would you chose? Still need a feed to try out your new RSS reader? Subscribe to our feed or send us a link to your outdoor blog so we can save it in our RSS reader!