In this blog post I have selected the best sensor cleaning kit which I would consider for my Sony a7 (or a9 or a6500)

In general it’s a pretty simple process to clean your sony camera sensor.

First of all you have to set your camera into cleaning mode.

Then you remove the lens and remove dust from the sensor with an air blower.

Next you add cleaning liquid on the head of the swab and drag the swab from left of the sensor to right.

Then you turn the swap around and repeat the process from the right of the sensor to the left.

Finally you exit the clean mode and switch off the camera.

best sensor cleaning kit for Sony a7, a9 or a6500

Altura Photo Professional Cleaning Kit

The Altura Photo Professional Cleaning Kit includes 6 Altura Photo 16mm Dry Sensor Cleaning Swabs, Altura Photo All-Natural 2oz. Cleaner, Lens Brush, Hard Carrying Case, Lens Cleaning Pen, Air Blower, 50 Sheet Lens Tissue Paper, 1 Large and Original MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloth.

The sensor cleaning swabs sweeps away invisible particles and uses the power of nature to clean without leaving streaks.

APS-C Frame (CCD/CMOS) Digital Camera Sensor Cleaning Swab Type 2 Cleaning Kit

The Swab Type 2 cleaning kit is based on non-alcoholic base water which ensures minimum friction and the static build up
micrometer level fiber sweeps invisible particles.

The cleaning-tongue is thin and flexible which ensures to spread pressure evenly over the sensor.