Here is my selection of the best snowshoes for 2019. which I would consider taking to my next winter adventures.

Snowshoes are quite useful if you are planning to ascent a mountain or walk in powder snow. Snowshoeing is easy to learn and not that expensive.

Also consider to get a pair of snowshoe poles for your snowshoeing trips as they will help you a lot on your snowshoeing adventure.

Considering your own body and gear weight is important when choosing your snowshoes.

The more weight you want to carry the bigger the surface of the snowshoe should be.

Also look at the size of the crampons and if the binding is suitable / durable or if you prefer fixed-rotation or full-rotation bindings.

Below you can see Konstantin snowshoeing in the Austrian Alps.

Best snowshoes 2019

Weight comparison table

Atlas 12

Atlas 12 Series - Best snowshoes 2019

weight: 2100 grams
application: backcountry & mountain

The Atlas 12 Series frame is made of 7075 aluminum flagship snowshoe of Atlas, reactive frame, wrapp pro binding, spring-loaded suspension and Duratek Decking

MSR Lightning Ascent 25

MSR Lightning Ascent 25 - Best snowshoes 2019

weight: 1780 grams
application: mountain

The MSR Lightning Ascent is our favourite snowshoe. If you need a more durable version then you might also go with the MSR Revo Ascent.

This model features Ergo Televators, PosiLock AT bindings, optional 5-inch (13-cm) tails for improved flotation and Torsion2 crampons

MSR Lightning Explore 25

MSR Lightning Explore 25 - Best snowshoes 2019

weight: 1870 grams
application: mountain

The MSR Lightning Explore 25 comes with pivot crampons, Axis Gait Technology, HyperLink binding, Ergo Televators and optional 5-inch (13-cm) tails for improved flotation.

MSR Revo Ascent 25

MSR Revo Ascent 25 - Best snowshoes 2019

weight: 1970 grams
application: mountain

The MSR Revo Ascent 25 comes with Split teeth of Torsion2 crampons, PosiLock AT bindings, Ergo Televators and optional tails for improved flotation.

Tubbs FLEX VRT 24

Tubbs FLEX VRT 24 - Best snowshoes 2019

weight: 2040 grams
application: mountain

The Tubbs FLEX VRT 24 comes with Viper 2.0 carbon steel toe crampon, DYNAMICFIT BINDING and a FLEXTail.

Tubbs Xpedition 25

Tubbs Xpedition 25 - Best snowshoes 2019

weight: 2090 grams
application: mountain

The Tubbs Xpedition 25 comes with a ReAct binding, carbon steel Cobra toe crampon and grappler heel cleat.

How to choose snowshoes?

There are several aspects you should take into consideration when you are planning to buy snowshoes:

  • Weight (for running or carrying you should choose lighter snowshoes)
  • Application e.g. aerobic, running, recreational or for mountaineering
  • Sizing (a big person needs bigger snowshoes)
  • Material (can have an impact on the weight / durability)
  • Grip (crampons)
  • Possibility to add heel claps in case you want to carry more
  • Ease of putting snowshoes on / off
  • Heel lifts can assist in walking up mountains
  • Adjustability (e.g. binding to tighten your snowshoes on your foot)
  • Does it fit to your "snowshoe boots" (e.g. I use my hiking boots)
  • Do you want snowshoes for beginners? (they are cheaper and technically less advanced)

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