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In this blog post, I would like to present to you my selection of the best wallets for your next hiking or backpacking trip. As with hiking clothes a wallet should be easy to clean, water-resistant or dry fast. You might also want to look into a wallet that does not take too much space and is lightweight. Alternatively, you can also just keep your current wallet in a plastic bag to keep it dry.

Chums Floating Marsupial Wallet

The best wallet for hiking and backpacking

The Chums Floating Marsupial Wallet floating wallet can float your keys, cash and credit cards come in a high visibility yellow color and weigh 75 grams.

Fjällräven Zip Wallet

The best wallet for hiking and backpacking

Both wallets are made of G-1000 fabric – a synthetic / cotton mixture that Fjällräven also uses on its clothes and can hold credit cards and coins.

The fabric can be treated with wax to waterproof it.


The most affordable solution is probably to use a cheap plastic bag and wrap it around your wallet.

Personally, I use both – a Fjällräven Zip Card Holder and sometimes an additional plastic bag when I go packrafting.

The Chums wallet would be quite useful if you are doing watersports such as kayaking or pack rafting.