Here is my selection of the best ski gloves for 2019. Of course, you can also wear these gloves for snowboarding.

est winter gloves for skiing and hiking 2019

Weight comparison table

Winter Gloves Brand
Alti Mittens Outdoor Research
Army Leather Heli Glove Hestra
Absolute Zero Mitten Mountain Hardwear
Down Mittens Canada Goose
Down Glove Canada Goose
Patrol Glove Black Diamond

Arc’teryx Gothic Glove

Arc’teryx Gothic Glove

The Arc’teryx Gothic Glove comes with ultra soft merino wool and an anatomical form fit. The Arc’teryx Gothic Glove is probably my favorite choice.

Black Diamond Patrol Gloves

The Black Diamond Patrol Gloves are waterproof and come with a PrimoLoft One insulation and a Polartec Thermal Pro High Loft fleece. The gloves are suitable from 0 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Canada Goose Down Mittens

Canada Goose Down Mittens

The Canada Goose Down Mittens are water- and windproof and filled with 525 Fill Power White Goose Down and come with a Velcro closure for wrist cinch, hard-face fleece cuffs and glove clips.

The only downside on the Canada Goose Down Mittens is that they don’t have a removable liner.

Hestra Heli 3-Finger Glove

The Hestra Heli 3-Finger Glove comes with a removable liner and is wind- and waterproof.

The Hestra Heli 3-Finger Glove has also a pre-curved design. One free-moving finger is just sufficient to operate for example a camera while the other fingers stay warm as in a mitten.

If I were to buy new gloves then I would probably buy these gloves. There is also the Hestra Heli Ergo Grip Glove available if you prefer to have a regular glove.

Icebreaker Glove Liner

The Arc’teryx Glove Liner adds additional warmth to your gloves if it’s very cold or if you prefer a layering system for your gloves.

Mountain Hardwear Absolute Zero Mitten

Mountain Hardwear Absolute Zero Mitten

The Mountain Hardwear Absolute Zero Mitten was designed for the most extreme cold weather conditions.

It comes with a Q.Shield DOWN 800-fill and is shielded by a waterproof, windproof OutDry membrane. The Absolute Zero Mitten also comes with a high-pile fleece liner.

Outdoor Research Alti Mittens

The Outdoor Research Alti Mittens gloves have been designed for 8,000-meter peaks and Arctic expeditions.

The OR Alti Mittens are made by breathable and waterproof GORE-TEX, high-loft Moonlite Pil fleece and water-resistant PrimaLoft Gold Insulation. It is also possible to remove the liners layer to dry them over the night.

Gloves or Mittens?

Gloves give you more dexterity (that’s the magic selling word in the world of gloves manufactures) than mittens. However, mittens keep your fingers warmer than gloves.

Gloves and mittens allow you to layer. Layering is an important aspect for everyone interested in outdoor activities and a liner glove can be regarded as the underwear for your fingers.

If you need additional warmth add a merino liner glove under your regular glove and your fingers will feel warmer.

There is also an option from Hestra available – the Hestra Army Leather Heli 3-Finger Glove – which sits in between mitts and gloves are probably also a good option for example if you need to handle a camera. This model is my favorite model of all gloves in this list.

However, you can also just take your main gloves off and operate your camera by just wearing the liner gloves. Once you have taken your picture you just put your main gloves back over the merino liner gloves.

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