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The Hiking Blog exists since 2010 and it is a hobby project of mine. The blog reflects my outdoor passion and for me, it is a great way to share my hobby with people who are out in nature like me.

I write in my blog on the topics of hiking, trekking and outdoor activities. The main focus of my articles are reviews and trip reports. But I also give tips on various outdoor activities and write about current issues and topics.

My basecamp

I live in Germany in the city of Dortmund. With nearly 600.000 inhabitants, Dortmund is the largest city of the Ruhr area , and the third largest city in the state of North Rhine – Westphalia. Dortmund is still a green city, as nearly half of the city area is made up of green and parks. The proximity to attractive natural regions and the german low mountain range also makes the city an ideal base for outdoor activities.

What means hiking and trekking for me

Hiking and Trekking means to me, experience nature up close with all the elements – whether in sunshine, rain or snow. Move, to explore new things and to meet the challenges of nature, is a perfect work life balance for me. Mainly i am out on day trips and multi-day treks in the German low mountain area. In my opinion it does not always need to be the large and spectacular outdoor destinations. Even in the home and right outside the front door you can enjoy nature, discover special and adventure . Once or twice a year i go to the Alps for mountain hiking and climb to the summit.

The engineer in me

As an engineer, I am fascinated with the outdoor gear and apparel technologies and the ever optimised concepts with which the manufacturers to improve their products further and leave with something new. Therefore, I like to test outdoor products in practice and try in my reviews objectively determine what is good and what could possibly be improved.

How blogging and outdoor connecting

After nearly four years of Hiking Blog, i can draw a very positive conclusion. I learned a lot and it makes me incredibly fun to share myself with likeminded people on our outdoor passion. So I got to know about the blog many other outdoor bloggers and other outdoor enthusiasts. Meanwhile, real friendships are created from it and there is a great and active outdoor blogger community in Germany and neighbour countries . Meetings and joint tours are now organised regularly and we constantly exchange information via social networks.

These friendships and contact with each other, have enriched my life incredibly and are especially dear to my nice side effect of my blog. Outdoor and Blogging make a perfect combination for me.

Thank you for the opportunity that I introduce my Blog here. I also look forward to sharing with the readers here!

Go out and have fun!
Jens | Hiking Blog