How to create a Cinemagraph with Final Cut Pro

In this blog post I would like to share how I created a Cinemagraph as in the example below out of a video footage from my Sony A7III with a Sony 24mm f1.4 lens in Final Cut Pro. Personally, I really like this effect and it's really easy to do it yourself. There is also no need to buy any third party apps etc.

Winter Camping in Nuuksio National Park

Last weekend I went with Joni from Leftbound to Nuuksio National Park in Finland to do some serious December winter camping. Serious ... ? Well we had around -5C during the night so it was not that bad.

Nuuksio National Park Winter Camping

Helinox Chair Zero Review

A while ago I was looking for a camping chair which is lightweight and packs small to take it on my packrafting or photography trips.

On the packrafting meetup in Sweden I met one guy who had a Helinox camping chair with him and after some test sitting I became interested to get one for myself and here is a short review about the Helinox Chair Zero which I received from Helinox for testing. Helinox is a company from South Korea.

Helinox Chair One