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Bushcraft Essentials shows us the Bushbox XL at the OutDoor Show 2017 in Friedrichshafen.

Okay. I’m showing you the advantages of our largest stove, the Bushbox XL, which is now folded.

To unfold it, you just do this and the stove unfolds automatically, more or less.

It has a bottom plate and an ashtray here so the hot ashes can fall onto the ground. It comes with two trivets, which are quite universal; you can put the trivets here on top, so to put your pan or your pot onto the stove.

You can also use them and put them in the side here, like so, and then they will act as a holder for the Trangia and the Trangia cannot fall out then. It sticks between the trivets.

Also, and that is a very nice thing when you make your bannock in the night or have some bread in the morning, you have a toaster here. You can put your toast here. You can adjust the distance by pushing them a little bit outwards.

Then, you can of course use the trivets for other purposes, like you can carry the hot stove with the trivets. You can also when you use the trivets, for example as trivets here on top, you can also use tent pegs in those holes here as a Trangia holder.

You can also use tent pegs on top here. There are four holes here and two holes here so you have … you can make a grill with tent pegs.

The universal grate can also be used since it is part universal either as a grill on top, like so. You can also put your pot on it.

You can put it in at half height, like so, and can put the Trangia on or you can put wood pellets on here and you can use it as I have shown it before as a toaster. Well, those are the main features of the stove.

You might have noticed the hinges here, they are quite complex, and we make such complex hinges for one reason: if you make standard hinges, they will clog. So when you’re cooking on it and stuff runs down into the hinges, it will get stuck.

Now, with those hinges, it’ll never get stuck. It’ll always be functional. And that’s why we’re making these complex hinges. The Bushbox XL.