Last week we went to Emäsalo, which is located east of Helsinki – a 30 minutes drive by car from Vantaa. A friend of mine recommended this place to me and after visiting it I would say that this is probably one of the nicest places I have visited around Helsinki. The fireplace can easily be reached by car and there is plenty of firewood which you can take with you to the fireplaces (there are two of them – one in a hut and one outside).

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From Emäsalo you have a view towards the open sea. What’s more, there is a military base just next to it but you can walk along the fence towards the end of the island.

We went to a supermarket just before the trip and grilled our sausages while listening to the crackling fire, the wind and the waves – just perfect.

Camping one night in Emäsalo

The next morning I had the chance to take a picture of Janne in his sleeping bag and realized that someone has already arranged firewood for new visitors at the other fireplace.

At the horizon, we were able to spot big and small ships leaving and arriving at the nearby harbor. There was also a fence that separated the public area from the military area as the military base was just located by the sea.

The light also created plenty of possibilities to be creative with the camera (this picture was taken with my Sony 100-400mm lens.

To conclude, I can highly recommend this place if you want to have a nice day or night at the sea. It should be also great to take pictures here during the wintertime as there is less light pollution than closer to Helsinki.

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