Today, I visited Dolní Vítkovice, which is one of the most important industrial heritage sites in the Czech Republic and started operating in 1830.

There have been no activities on Dolní Vítkovice since 1998 but what remains from those days was quite impressive. The area consists of a coal mine, coke ovens, and a blast furnace.

Dolní oblast Vítkovice – National site of industrial heritage

There is no museum as such about the area but you can stroll around in the area and most importantly visit the bolt tower which inhibits a cafeteria at the top.

You can either take the elevator or walk on a “gangway” around the building up to the very top. There are no windows if you decide to take the “gangway” so take some clothing with you which protects you from the wind.

The ticket to the bolt tower costs 200 CZK and includes 100 CZK of refreshments which you can order in the cafeteria. A coke there, for example, costs 50 CZK.

If you have more time you can also take the tram or walk to the city museum where you can have an insight into the history of the city which was the most important place to produce steel after coal has been discovered.

At the city museum, we discovered a very impressive astronomical watch called Mašek’d astronomical clock which is one of the astronomical clocks beside the ones in Prague and Olomouc. It has been built by Jan Mašek and it took him 11 years to built it and contains 2500 components.

We were probably the only tourists on this day visiting the city museum as the museum guide had to open and close the rooms after our visit. There were also sections in the museum about old l weapons, mining and regional flora and fauna. We paid 70 CZK to get into the museum.

Meow Gallery: The gallery is empty.

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