Steripen Freedom

Best lightweight backpacking water filters for 2021

Here is my selection of the best backpacking water filters for 2019 which I would take with me on my next hiking or backpacking trip.

There are several solution on the market e.g. water filters where you have to pump water through the filter or filters which do not require any pump at all (and which are also my personal preference filters).

Currently, I am using the Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System on my trips since it is very lightweight and does the job.

In the past I have used the Katadyn Hiker Pro filter. On the picture below where I am filtering water on a trip in Northern Sweden.

Also keep in mind that none of the water filters which we have selected can filter out viruses and filters with a carbon element gives the water a neutral taste.

Moreover, the water filters which I have selected should not be used with salt water or with water contaminated with chemicals.

To remove viruses you can combine a filter with e.g. the Steripen Freedom (we have not tested if it effectively removes viruses).

The Steripen uses an UV light against Viruses and can be recharged through the USB port. Also have a look at our interview at the end of this article.

Best lightweight backpacking Water Filter 2019 […]

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HMG Porter 5400

Best Hiking Daypacks for 2021

Here is my selection of the best day packs 2019 which I would consider carry if I were to buy a new one.

A day pack is a great choice if you plan to do a shorter trip while carrying some gear with you e.g. climbing, hiking or on a normal day in the city.

A day pack weights much less than a regular backpack and you will be able to enjoy your day outside much more if you have to carry less with you.

I have included a broad range of day packs. Some are more durable or offer more features while also weight a bit more while other day packs are more light and minimalistic.

Best Day Packs 2019 […]

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Best Synthetic Insulated Jackets 2021

Here is my selection of the best synthetic insulated jackets for 2019 which I would consider buying for my next winter or hiking trip.

Wearing a synthetic insulated jacket over a down jacket can have several reasons.

Either you are just looking for an alternative to down because of ethical reasons or you are planning to wear your jacket in a damp or humid environment where down may lose its insulation capabilities when it gets wet.

Best Synthetic Insulated Jackets 2019

On our snowshoeing trip in Finnish Lapland, we could choose between wearing a synthetic or down jacket due to the low humidity.


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