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Enlightened equipment is about making the lightest, warmest, and smartest sleeping insulation possible. We have been making quilts for years now and our constant evolution has lead us to the best possible quilt design at prices that are surprisingly low.

enlightened equipment

Why did you start your company?

At the beginning I made anything a customer could dream up. I did it because I loved making gear. I couldn’t make enough gear for myself to keep me building daily and i just loved creating and building and wanted an outlet for that. At some point I realized I waS best at quilts so as it grew more into a job/business I narrowed the focus toward quilts so I could constantly improve their design instead of designing so many different things every day.

Enlightened Equipment

What are the biggest benefits for your customers?

We are very proud to offer our customers a product that is the result of all our endless tinkering, modifying and updating to get at the heart of what matters and leaving off the rest. It is also very important to us to offer the best possible service. At every stage of contact customers interact with me, the owner and designer. We give people access to the doers in the company not just some exported support tech. So if highly evolved products and top tier communication weren’t enough we also strive to fix our mistakes. If something about your order is wrong, you made a mistake in choosing, or you just hate the colour we give you plenty of options to correct these issues. We know we can’t always make everyone happy with everything, but we will always try.

enlightened equipment

What will be the next big change in your industry within the next 3-5 years?

I think the next few years will find more innovative sleeping solutions coming out of some of the more mainstream brands which will force smaller companies like ours to be more creative in our products and more diverse in our materials offering. For customers it should mean a greater number of lightweight options from both larger and small brands should be more widely available. I also expect you will see many brands larger and small coming out with “their” version of our amazing new shiftless baffles. Remember where it came from;)

How did you stay motivated during your darkest hours?

For me this was the summer of 2011. enLIGHTend equipment was a hobby that was getting out of hand. Too many orders I was building myself in my basement while my kids were napping. I couldn’t handle being a full time at home dad, full Time quilt builder and at that time working a full time 2nd shift job to keep things above water. I closed the doors of enLIGHTend equipment that summer thinking it was over. My great friends Zak, Todd and Greg (Sanborn Canoe Co.) offered to take over some of the responsibilities for me and bring me under their business umbrella allowing me to become a legal business and hire staff. This was the boost I needed and in Oct 2011 we launched the RevelationX with a small team of sewers, cutters and stuffers (I was still most of those;). That partnership and support lifted me up when I was down and helped move us forward. As they say the rest is history;). So my advice if your low is to allow those around you to help and support you. I was too proud for a long time to take their help, but it was just what I needed.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

I just want to say that I absolutely love creating products that help people experience the wild places of this amazing world. What a blessing it is that something I designed would help so many people get a better nights sleep and drop so much pack weight. I love helping people find the right quilts and if any readers have questions or need help navigating this whole thing that’s what I’m here for.