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When I go hiking or backpacking I occasionally document my trip with my field notes and space pen about the area, how far I have hiked or if anything interesting happened. To document my hiking trip I take pen and paper, DSLR / mirrorless camera and my smartphone with me. I also use my field notes book to write down a basic script for my YouTube videos.

Field Notes and Space Pen for Hiking and Photography – Review

Paper notebook and pen

On my last trip, I had a normal pen and paper with me to write down some notes. A couple of nights in a moisture tent and rain made my notes as good as unreadable. So, was looking for a waterproof alternative and ordered a package from field notes with 3 expedition memo books. The paper is durable and also usable when it gets wet. The color of the front cover of my field notes notebook is Antarctic Survey Orange and of the back cover Polar Night Black. The memo book has 48 pages. The size of the memo books is 3-1/2″ x 5-1/2″. On the inner front cover page of the memo books, you can write down who you are, where someone can send the memo notebook in case you lose it and if the person gets a reward, your coordinates, and trip dates. On the inner back cover page, there is general information about the company and the materials used in the memo books. There is also a ruler.

Smartphone or paper notebook?

The Field Notes Expedition notebook and Space Pen are quite useful for outdoor activities especially if you travel in moisture or wet areas. Alternatively, you may also document your trips on your smartphone depending on which method you prefer and if you want to carry an additional memo book and pen with you. Personally, I found it more relaxed to write on paper when I am outdoors but since I always carry a smartphone with me to take pictures carrying an additional paper notebook can be quite pointless.

Field Notes and Space Pen for Hiking and Photography – Review

DSLR, GoPro or mirrorless camera

Beside my smartphone, I also take a GoPro and DSLR camera with me if I want to take high-quality pictures e.g. from the landscape. Besides the image quality, you also get a better dynamic range with DSLRs than with smartphones.

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