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Yesterday, I have received my new Sony a7 III and I was curious to find out how the FieldMonitor app on my iPhone together with my new camera. So I contacted the developer of the FieldMonitor app and asked if his App would work with the Sony a7 III?

Unfortunately, there have been no tests with the FieldMonitor App and the Sony a7 III yet so I got the opportunity to beta test the app on the Test Flight app (I have never used it before but the Test Flight app is made to test apps before they get released). Btw. on my Instagram account you can find my pictures which I have taken with my Sony a7 III.


After I received an email from the developer of the FieldMonitor app with an invitation link to the beta app I started testing it. The Sony A7III connects smoothly to the app, and it also seems that all the features are working fine on the app too. The FieldMonitor app also never crashed and I could record a video by hitting the record button in the app. Below you can find some pictures of the parts of the program which I have access to.

There is one issue which also the developer of the FieldMonitor app is aware of. Pressing the MENU button on the a7 III to select for example a Picture Profile disconnects the remote.

So how am I going to use this app? I will buy a hot shoe mount* for my camera to attach my iPhone with it.

The screen of the iPhone is bigger than the screen on the Sony a7 III* and it may be easier to manual focus with the lens.

Further, I am planning to use the iPhone as a field monitor so I can see myself when I record “selfie” videos.

You can find a list of my camera gear here.

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