The Finnish Packrafting Meetup 2019 took place at the Kymijoki river which took place from 4.10-6.10. Some of us met up at a Laavu at Lustkallio / Kuovinmäki nearby Ahvio on Friday evening while I (Patrick) joined the location on Saturday morning. The main rapids which we were paddling on these days were the Ahvionkoski and a rapid before Honkasaari where we also had our lunch break.

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We spent the second night in a Laavu nearby Muoronvuori (close to the Valkmusen National Park), which was a 1km hike from the river. There was also a hut that has been heated and some of us dried their clothes (e.g. dry suit) during the night in it. During the night we had temperatures around -2C. The next morning we were splitting the group as some have parked their cars in different locations. I was paddling further the Kymijoki until I reached a dam where some of us has parked the cars. Once in the cars, we drove to Pernoonkoski nearby Kotka where some of us exercised more technical skills.

I have also visited the Kymijoki river on another weekend with Caj (see below), where we were packrafting with an inflatable duck.

Finnish Packrafting Meetup – Kymijoki

Finnish Packrafting Gathering 2014

The first Finnish Packrafting Gathering in Finland took also place at the Kymijoki river and was organized by Jaakko.

We met at the Kuovinkallio shelter on Friday evening at around 6 pm where we pitched our tents and gathered around the campfire to grill sausages while others went already paddling for an hour.

The next morning we drove our cars to a parking spot nearby the bridge before the Alhonhaara Hirvivuolle where we planned to end our trip and returned with our “shuttle taxi” back to the Kuovinkallio shelter. Then we inflated our packrafts.

The Ahvionkoski rapids were our main challenge on our trip and one packrafter with the Alpacka Scout packraft managed to capsize in those rapids. We scouted the rapid before going in.

Our second camp at the Moronvuori hut was located in the Valkmusa National Park – a 2 km hike from where we left the Kymijoki river. After we pitched the tents some of us started walking to explored the Haukanvuori rock. From where we also enjoyed the nice scenery over the area. Back in the camp – This hut provided firewood and plenty of opportunities to dry our stuff. Then we were sitting our the fire and the party continued until late into the night.

We had a clear sky overnight, with the moon and Stars over my Hilleberg Anjan 3 tent. The next morning there was plenty of bacon over the fire. We also found beautiful colored leaves. Probably one of the last weekends before they have all fallen.

Back in the river, some of us tried their windpaddle sails despite there was only a little wind. Some of us took the opportunity for some final camera shots once we arrived at our destination on Sunday at the bridge before Alhonhaara Hirvivuolle where we have parked our cars the day before.

Thanks to Jaakko who organized the event. Hope to see you all next time again!

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The pictures in the gallery below include impressions from the Finnish packrafting meetup in 2014 which was organized by Jaako and from 2019.

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