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For every sport or activity where you move more than usual, it’s good to have regular exercise to keep your muscles trained. Having good fitness and exercise regularly will help you to hike, backpack, and packraft longer or more relaxed.

In order to keep me in shape, I run approximately 3-4 times a week, and each run having a distance of approximately 9-15 km. That’s about 1100 km every year. If you are not into running and would like to start with it then it’s important to get proper running shoes to avoid injuries.

To find the right running shoes, you should first find out what type of running shoe you need. Your local sports shop might be able to measure if you have a neutral, pronator or supinator foot type. In my case, I have a neutral foot type. Moreover, if you run as often as I do (since 20 years) you should also invest every year into new running shoes. Ideally, you should have 2 pairs of shoes which you exchange regularly.

I found running quite relaxing. Usually, I don’t run at full speed. Sometimes I do intervals, where I run 10-20 seconds at full speed. But in general, I take it quite easy and enjoy nature on the island where I am living while running.

Running keeps my legs in shape. However, it’s also important to train other muscles and that’s why I complement my running with a series of pull-ups.

It’s also a good idea to have a GPS watch with you so you can measure your distance or plan in advance your running route. You can also use an HR monitor to measure your heartbeat. I also use my Ambit3 also for hiking and packrafting and save all my data on our movescount profile. Below you can see the distance I was running yesterday.

Here you can read about our destinations where we go hiking and packrafting and where you should also have a good general fitness to perform those trips.