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Since our Sarek trip is getting closer, we have to take a look at our lunch list. We calculated 3 meals a day and snacks (which are not included in the list below). The different items on the list are in German since we are going to order our food from Germany.

Sarek National Park

Food list for Vegetarians

amount description kcal/weight (grams)

1x Farmer’s Outdoor Waldpilztopf 309/100
3x Travellunch Erbseneintopf vegetarisch 499/375
3x Farmer’s Outdoor Risotto al Funghi 358/360
4x Adventure Food Pasta alle Noci 418/560
2x Travellunch Nudeln in Kräutersauce vegetarisch 412/250
2x Travellunch Gemüserisotto vegetarisch 381/304
2x Adventure Food Pasta ai Funghi 417/280
2x Trek’n Eat Nudeln in Soja Bolognese vegetarisch 304/360
2x Trek’n Eat Paprika Soja Ragout mit Nudeln vegetarisch 325/200
21x Total 8170/2789

Food list for Non-Vegetarians

amount description kcal/weight (grams)

3x Travellunch Erbseneintopf mit Speck 509/375
3x Travellunch Kartoffeltopf mit Rindfleisch 449/375
1x Travellunch Linseneintopf mit Speck 424/125
3x Travellunch Huhn in Curryrahm mit Reis 394/375
3x Travellunch Paella mit Fisch, Huhn, Krabben und Reis 404/375
2x Travellunch Kartoffelsuppe 440/220
3x Travellunch Fleischpflanzerl mit Kartoffelpüree 467/375
3x Travellunch Bratkartoffeln mit Speck 476/300
21x Total 8901/2520

I hope this food list helps you if you are planning a similar trip to Sarek National Park.