A couple of months ago, I was looking for a new tent which I can use during my planned hikes in Sweden and Finland and for other backpacking, packrafting and camping trips. After some field testing I am now able to write a short review about my experiences with the Hilleberg Anjan 2 which I found to be one of the best 3-season tunnel tents. An alternative would be the Nallo 2 (as a 4-season tent) or the Kaitum 2 (if you need more space). If you are planning to get a 2-person tent then you should get the Anjan 3, Nallo 3 or Kaitum 3. It just feels to crammed in the smaller models but they work very well as 1-person tents. Just as a side note, I went hiking with both – the Anjan 2 and the Anjan 3.

Further, I would not get the GT version If I were to buy the Anjan or the Nallo. If you need a bigger vestibule then its probably better to take a seperate tarp with you. Yor Anjan tent will be more versatile in this way. Further, there is also not that much weight difference between the Anjan 2 and the Anjan 3 so it’s probably a good decision to take the Anjan 3 in any case.

Hilleberg Anjan label entrance


The Hilleberg Anjan 2 comes with 1700 grams, a big window for ventilation, reflectors, 2 mosquito windows and 12 Tri-Pegs. I found the quality and craftmanship of the Anjan 2 quite excellent. The outer tent can also be used as a standalone tent. The inner height is 100 cm and the inner tent area 2.8 m2.

Hilleberg Anjan 2 window mesh

Big windows for superb air-circulation!

Hilleberg Anjan 2 entrance vestibule

It is possible to use the tent either as a shelter (without the inner tent) or just the inner tent in case there is no rain expected during the warm summer nights.

However, one drawback of the Anjan 2 is that it seems to condensate inside quite a bit if I keep the tent completely closed for a longer period while it is raining. Also the tent should be pitched on grass as rain can get into the tent if pitched on hard ground.

Hilleberg Anjan 2 outer tent

The tent has also reflective stripes so you can find it if it’s too dark.

Hilleberg Anjan 2 vestibule entrance

Plenty of storage room for gear. The GT model of this tent has even more storage capacity.

Packed size of the Hilleberg Anjan 3

The Hilleberg Anjan 3 compared to Mountain Equipment AR Ultralite 2. The Hilleberg is just slightly bigger and 200 grams heavier but you will enjoy plenty of more space.

Hilleberg Anjan 3 inside - inner tent size

The Hilleberg Anjan 3 is a good choice if you are big or if you just want to have more room in the tent to store gear inside of the tent or just to play some cards if it’s raining outside.

Hilleberg Anjan Night

Konstantin prepared food in front of the Hilleberg Anjan 2 with our Jetboil Sol Ti boiler on our trip to Sarek in Sweden.

Hilleberg Anjan - Night in Sarek Sweden