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I was looking for a lightweight compact camping stove where I can place my Jetboil gas canister in to save some space in my backpack and which can boil water quickly. After doing some research and reading some camping cooker reviews online, I decided to go for the Jetboil Sol Ti which also won the Outdoor Editor’s Choice Award in 2011 and seems to be a promising camping stove to quickly heat up water or prepare outdoor meals.

The Jetboil stove can heat 0.5 l in 2 minutes and 15 seconds which is equal to 12 liters for a 100g canister. It has a weight of 240 g. The stove can be operated either with the titanium cooking cup or with e.g. a frying pan by exchanging the top piece. The stove also comes with a plastic tripod in order to give the stove a stable position. The stove gives a quite solid impression.

Jetboil Sol Ti Review

The Jetboil Sol Ti boils 0.8l water fast, is packable and weights only 240 grams. A 100 grams gas canister can boil around 12 liter of water.

Jetboil Sol Ti Review


I have tested the Jetboil Sol Ti on our trip to Sarek in Sweden. It was the perfect outdoor stove for us. Lightweight and fast. However, this stove is only for boiling water. If you want to fry something you need to look for another stove.

Jetboil Sol Ti Review


Have a look at the newer models like the Jetboil MiniMo or the MSR WindBurner if you want a newer and better stove.

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