Looking for an ultralight quilt for the summer for your next hiking, backpacking, camping or any other backcountry adventure? Have a look at the Katabatic Gear Chisos. This quilt can be used for degrees around 40 F / +5 C and higher or you can layer up inside and use it for lower temperatures. Personally, I felt a bit cold when I used this quilt in August here in Finland when we had around +6 C in the night even so I was wearing jogging pants and a long sleeved merino shirt. I would just use this quilt for June and July here in Finland but it depends if you are a warm or a cold sleeper. In general, this is a high quality quilt.

Katabatic Gear Chisos unboxing

Katabatic Gear Chisos field test


The Katabatic Gear Chisos Quilt comes with 900 cuin down, a water repellent pertex quantum shell, YKK zippers and weights around 14.6 oz. It’s a high quality quilt which can be used during the summer months or as an additional layer during colder months. I also liked the customer service offered by Katabatic.

Katabatic Gear Chisos
Katabatic Gear Chisos

With this button you can close the quilt behind your neck.

Katabatic Gear Chisos

With this strap you close the top of the quilt around your neck.

Katabatic Gear Chisos

Those straps are going below the sleeping pad. It keeps the quilt on its place and helps to ‘seal’ the sides against cold air coming into the quilt.

Katabatic Gear Chisos

Backside of the quilt.

Katabatic Gear Chisos

That’s all included with the quilt.

Katabatic Gear Chisos comparison Therm-a-rest Z Lite Exped Syn UL7<

Size of the quilt compared to the Therm-a-Rest Z Lite and Exped Syn UL7.


The Katabatic Gear Chisos is a minimalistic high quality quilt. This quilt serves well during the warmer days during the year or as an additional layer when it’s cold. However, I prefer using sleeping bags as there is always a risk that cold air could flow in on the sides in case you are turning while you are sleeping. Personally, I prefer taking a sleeping bag on my trips (like the Cumulus Panyam and would use the quilt during the colder months as an additional layer.