I was looking for a water purifier which I can take on my hiking, backpacking and packrafting trips which is light and does not need much space and decided to go with a Katadyn Mini + UV SteriPen combination (since the Katadyn Mini is not a solution against Viruses) and here comes a short review.

Katadyn Mini Water Filter hiking backpacking package unboxing


The Katadyn Mini weights only 210 grams, packs small and has a ceramic filter which also helps to give the water a neutral taste.The filter has to be replaced after treating 7000 l water. Moreover, the filter seems to work quite well after my first tests. I guess it is important to look for a spot where the water is quite clear in order to avoid clogging of the filter. The Katadyn Mini has an output of 0.5 l per minute.

Katadyn Mini Water Filter hiking backpacking unboxing parts

You can easy store the filter and all the other equipment in the bag. With the pad you can clean the filter in case it gets clogged. There is also some silicon included in order to oil the o-ring of the pump. The ceramic filter helps to give the water a neutral taste.


I have tested the Katadyn Mini Water Filter on our trip to Sarek in Sweden. However, the water there is already quite clear so I do not have any experience in how the filter performs in more challenging environments. I only found plenty of green particles on the filter after the trip so I guess that the filter did it’s job. Pumping water can take quite a while but on the other hand I was not in a hurry and happy with the product.

Field Test - Filtering Water with Katadyn Mini in Sarek National Park in Sweden


If you are looking for an ultralight water filter where you don’t have to pump then you should have a look at the Sawyer Water Filter which also comes with a lower price tag.