When you go hiking, backpacking, packrafting or plan any other activities in the backcountry then it’s good to have a document case with you to protect your paper map. In this case, the Ortlieb Document Case A4* is my map case to go and here is a short review. Before I had a Haglöfs map case but the Ortlieb seems to be lighter. Besides the map, you can also store other small items in the document case e.g. a small compass or brochures.

Ortlieb Document Case Review


The Ortlieb Document case weighs 80 grams, is minimalistic, and has a waterproof rating of IP4.

Ortlieb Document Case A4


I have tested the Ortlieb Document Case A4 on our trip to Sarek in Sweden. The Ortlieb Document Case A4 is great for any kind of outdoor activities in order to keep your map and other documents dry. It’s also easy to get your documents in/out.