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For those folks who would like to keep track on where they hiked, biked etc. should have a look on GPS watches like the Suunto Ambit2. Sure, you can also do this with an app on your phone but personally I found it more comfortable to have a watch on my wrist. Having had the Suunto Ambit before the Suunto Ambit 2 also adds altitude GPS functionality and “Find back” support.

Suunto Ambit2 Black HR Review


  • weight: 82 grams
  • waterproof
  • GPS and HB reception
  • battery life – 50 hours
  • battery charging via USB
  • software to store your data (Movescount)
  • chronograph
  • compass
  • GPS
  • barometer, altimeter, temperature, sea level pressure
  • track back feature
  • ANT+
  • water resistance 100 m
  • Operating temperature -20C – +60C¨

Suunto Ambit2 is a great tool for outdoor activities like hiking, running, cycling or marathon. It can be used with a heart rate monitor to measure your pulse. Further, you can upload your data to Movescount where you can keep track of your activities history and socialize with other Movescount users.

There are also currently over 1000 apps available which you can upload to your watch or you can create your own app.

Suunto Ambit2 Black HR Review

Charging and transferring data is done with a USB cable.

Suunto Ambit2 Black HR Review

Movescount Software

With Movescount you can upload and plan your moves via the USB cable which comes with the Suunto Ambit2 watch. Moreover, you are also able to upload new apps to your Ambit2.

Battery life

50 hours possible with tracking GPS data. Since it has a USB connection you are able to charge it on the trail with an Anker Astro 3e.


I was wearing the Suunto Ambit2 on our trip in Sarek and it performed quite well. After the trip, it was nice to see on the PC the route we hiked. However, I would advise to take a spare battery with you on such a trip as the battery it is advisable to take a spare battery in the watch may not last for the whole trip.