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This year I am going to enhance my outdoor experience by using an Alpacka Raft Yukon Yak. Even so, it weights around 3.5 kg including paddle I believe this is still a weight worth carrying for some additional fun even so if you hike ultralight. Here comes a short unboxing review of the Alpacka Raft Yukon Yak.

Alpacka Packraft Yukon Yak Review

The package which I have received from the packrafting store in Germany. To have a feeling for the size of the package I have placed a shoe next to it.

Alpacka Packraft Yukon Yak Review

And that is included: Packraft Yukon Yak with Spraydeck, Manta-Ray carbon paddle, Packtach System, Secumar Vivio 50.

Items that are included if you only order the Packraft: Packraft, Spraydeck, Repair Kit, Seat, Inflation bag, manual.

Alpacka Packraft Yukon Yak Review

With the inflation bag you can inflate the packraft. You can also use an electronic pump such as the Max Pump 2.

If you are looking for a new experience on your hiking trip or if you want to pass a river where there is no bridge, then you should give a thought if a Packraft could be an option for you. It’s also quite nice just to float along the river and enjoy the landscape rather than carrying the heavy backpack during your whole trip. Here you can check out one of our packrafting adventures in Sarek National Park in Northern Sweden.