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In this post, I give a summary/gear list on what gear to take when planning a packrafting trip. I will describe the factors affecting which gear to take, essential packrafting gear, packrafting gear for whitewater, gear needed for the campsite and additional gear. Additional items might be added in the future.


Before planning on what to take for a packrafting trip you have to think about several factors that could affect the gear you are taking with you.


How long is the trip? A few hours or several days?


Spring, Summer, Autumn, winter? It can affect e.g. the clothing and shelter needed.

Geographic location

The season is different in different geographic locations which can affect weather conditions as well.


Are shelters available during the trip? Are you planning to camp or stay e.g. in a hostel?

Food & Water

Do you have to bring your own food? Are you planning to fish? Are you eating in a hostel? Are water sources available?

Fire wood / gas etc.

Are trees growing in the area? Is the wood usable (e.g. after long raining season it might be wet). Do you prefer to cook with a gas canister? How much gas to take?