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GoalZero shows us the Extended Nomad Plus, Lighthouse micro-charge, Flip Ranger and the Venture at the OutDoor Show 2017 in Friedrichshafen.

Konstantin: Hi this is Konstantin from Hike Ventures, that’s Philip from GoalZero. Philip, could you say something about the new products that you have?

Philip: Sure, hi guys. So our great new story this summer is our Extended Nomad Plus series. It’s three solar panels, let’s see over here. We have the Nomad 7, which is a seven block panel, it’s our smallest lightweight panel. Nomad 14, which is a medium size panel. And then we’ve got that bad guy, Nomad 28 the super powered panel for our bigger battery packs.

You can already see here, I have them lined up a bit, our small power banks, Flip Ranger and the Venture, that are better to charge your small devices from smart phones, tablets, small tablets, and cameras, action cams. We charge those up with the Nomad 7 Plus in about 2 to 3 hours, so it’s easy and fast charging.

Then we have our Venture Series, the Venture 30, Venture 70. These are actually waterproof power banks, they’re IP certified so you know whatever nature has to throw at you, they can handle it.

Konstantin: Can they actually handle that … you charge when it’s raining?

Philip: Yes, exactly. Well …

Konstantin: Well, there’s not a lot of sun when it’s raining, but-

Philip: There’s not a lot of sun when it’s raining, but it’ll still work. So basically what solar cells need is daylight. And daylight is still there, it’s a bit cloudy now. I hope there’s not a thunderstorm coming, but the solar panel will still generate power. Of course, it’s much, much slower, or much weaker.

The cool thing about our power base’s is that they are solar ready. That means they can take whatever small amount of energy the solar cells actually produce, and recharge the battery. As opposed to like your smart phone, your smart phone is very picky on the energy. So we’ll always want perfect conditions to charge your phone through the solar panel. Our power banks can cope with anything.

I have a small real cool light to show as well. It’s our newest addition to the Lighthouse family, no pun intended. The Lighthouse micro-charge, it’s basically like a complete energy concept. It has lighting, it has a lantern function, it has a flashlight function, it has a USB port that you can use to recharge your devices, your small devices.

Obviously it’s a small power bank, but it’s lightweight so usually where you have charging, light. And if you take a small solar panel with it, the lightest weight would be about 360, 400 grams and you have everything from recharging, light, and solar in your backpack.

Konstantin: Okay, thank you very much for that.