This morning we went to the tourist office in Alta to buy our tickets for the bus to Hammerfest and also for the way back to Alta with the speed ferry through the Alta fjord.

Our day trip from Alta to Hammerfest

From Alta to Hammerfest by bus

At 8.30 we went to North Adventure where we bought our day trip voucher and our bus left at 9 am just before their office. The bus took us along the Fjord into the uplands where the winter sun tried to reach the horizon. However, it would still take the sun another week until it would be visible again.

At 10.30 we arrived Skaidikroa where we had a glass of milk and waited for the next bus which was about to leave at 11.45 towards Hammerfest.

The road along the coast was impressive. Rocks, snow, and water. Here and there were a few houses. We also crossed the Kvalsund Bridge which was quite impressive. Once on the bridge, we had a great view on both sides of the bridge.

The bus stopped just before we crossed the bridge the bus and we jumped out to take some pictures. On the way to Hammerfest, there were not many buildings except a few smaller settlements.

Arriving in Hammerfest

We arrived in Hammerfest (the world’s most northerly town) at around 12.45. Once we arrived at the bus terminal in Hammerfest we walked to the local tourist office where we had a nice conversation with the staff. Two immigrants – one from Germany and the other one from Finland – who lived here already for a couple of years.

Royal and Ancient Polar Bear Society

In the Tourist Office in Hammerfest we decided to become members in the Royal and Ancient Polar Bear Society which was founded in 1963 and has an annual meeting of members once a year.

Hammerfest Church

Next, we went to the Hammerfest church which has been built in 1961 and has space for 525 people. There has been many churches before in Hammerfest dating back till 1620. The previous church was burned down by the Germans in 1944. The history of the churches in Hammerfest are displayed inside the church.

On the way to the museum of reconstruction we also passed by a monument of Ole Olsen – a Norwegian organist and Composer.

Museum of Reconstruction

Then we visited the Museum of Reconstruction which was about to close when we entered the museum. However, the friendly person at the ticket desk told us that we can quickly browse through the museum as were only a few hours in Hammerfest.

The exhibition itself was quite good and one could quite imagine the hard times 40.000 people had who got deported by 1945 in Northern Norway. There were also pictures about the city which got burned down by the Germans at the end of the Second World War.

Lookout Point

After our visit in the museum, we decided to walk up to a lookout point. On the way up it’s also worth to look backwards.

Once we reached the top we enjoyed again a fantastic view over the city and the sea. The whole city was glowing with it’s hundreds of lights in the darkness – even though it was only 3 pm.

Then it was time to get back to the city where we walked along the harbor. Konstantin spotted a fish store where Konstantin tried a local delicatesse.

The nearby Coop (grocery store) was also a good opportunity for us to fill our backpacks with some snacks. We bought a local leaf of bread (the bread in Norway tastes actually quite good), cheese, tomatoes and cucumber. Konstantin also bought grilled chicken and then we were good to go.

The express boat from Hammerfest to Alta

At 4.40 pm we were ready to get on board of our boat. A few other people were waiting there as well. There was also a Sami couple which we were able to identify through their traditional Sami clothes. And then our express boat arrived – the MS Årøy.

Once we entered the boat, we enjoyed the food which we just bought. Konstantin was also preparing a presentation for the University in Alta and Patrick wrote an article for our blog. The trip back from Hammerfest to Alta took around 2 hours.


If you are planning to visit Northern Norway you should definitely visit Hammerfest. It’s an interesting and also beautiful city with 10.000 inhabitants and also offers great scenery (also the trip itself to Hammerfest).

Probably you should also plan a few days hiking in the area as well. If you are not into camping then you could also stay in one of the hotels (Scandic or Thon) which you can also find in Alta.

In general, it was a great trip and worth the money spent on traveling.

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